With love We Improve The Community's Economy

When we see that there are still many Indonesian children who are uncared for without adequate education, seeing as there are still Indonesian children who are hungry, and seeing Indonesian children who are still living in the poverty. The root of those problems arise from the economy.

Let's help each other as a nation,and supporting each other by; Always keep Indonesian products in mind, using Indonesian products, and campaigning Indonesian products

Indonesia Unite, Indonesia prosper.

1. What cause would you like to give to ?

Empowering Service Fund
A donation to Yayasan Citra Kasih Abadi Campaign, and all of the causes of foundation supports.

Disaster Relief Fund
A donation to Yayasan Citra Kasih Abadi Campaign, specifically reserved for disaster relief.


2. How much would you like to donate ?


3. Select the frequency of your gift ?


4. How Can We Contact You ?


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