Yayasan Citra Kasih Abadi is a moving foundation from 2011 pioneered by Dr. Yuliana Pateh MM.

The Yayasan CKA was started because of a sense of love and a form of concern for rural communities who still live in the poverty line, children who have not received adequate education due to the ineffectiveness of the economic cycle.
Therefore Yayasan Citra Kasih Abadi
Have a vision
With love, make a prosperous and prosperous society.


  1. Improving Indonesian economy welcoming 1 million new entrepreneurs
  2. Campaigning Indonesian product products throughout the world
  3. Campaigning for the results of agricultural products, Indonesian plantations as a basic ingredient for creative, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and herbal industries, etc.

For this reason, the Yayasan Citra Kasih Abadi invite Indonesians to take a joint role 
in showing love for Indonesia.


Yayasan Citra Kasih Abadi

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